Chapel improvements and projects

We are always looking to improve St. Dominic’s Chapel, including the equipment, chapel environment, grounds, etc.

Two weeks ago, we got a new statue of Our Lady of Fatima on “permanent loan” from a parishioner.

A few days ago, we repaired the very long gravel driveway. New gravel was added and the whole thing was smoothed and widened. Although this wasn’t done with chapel funds, it does certainly benefit the chapel as most people arrive here by car!

Meanwhile, the area under the 3-car carport was cleared out to fit an extra vehicle. It is noticeably more spacious now.

The same day, we poured the first section of a new sidewalk. We started at the chapel entrance, with an 8′ section. We hope to add another 8′ section this Saturday. The paving bricks that made up the previous “makeshift sidewalk” will be used to extend the sidewalk even closer to the parking area, which will help out on future rainy Sundays.

The sidewalk was done with the community spirit of a “barn raising”, with several boys helping out with the mixing of 1/2 a ton of concrete.

Pictures will follow in the coming days. Things have been very busy here in the past week; we are busy getting ready for the next work day, planned for this Saturday. We will keep you posted on our progress!

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