Chapel Bulletin – June 21, 2015

Bishop Williamson – His Excellency will be in Houston, TX on the evening of July 6th for Mass, Confirmations, and a 2-3 hour conference. If you are interested in attending, please ask Matthew for details. It’s a 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hour drive depending on how close you live to San Antonio or Austin.

Ready for Summer – We’ve taken advantage of special financing to purchase and install a new, larger 25000 BTU air conditioner. Having run some tests, it looks like we’re all set to stay comfortable during the hot Texas Summer! San Antonio (or Austin) isn’t known for its mild summers. Donations to help cover this expense can be placed in the donation can near the door of the chapel.

More Sidewalk – Thanks and prayers go out to the 2nd sidewalk work crew, who put in the next 8′ section of sidewalk last Saturday the 13th. This 4-foot-wide concrete sidewalk is now 16′ long.

New Driveway – After the record May rainfall in the greater San Antonio and Austin area washed out much of the driveway, our hosts have now re-topped the drive with new gravel. Please drive slowly to prevent the powder (which will eventually pack down) from blowing away in a dust cloud. The hosts — and your vehicle — will thank you!

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