Announcing Stella Maris Chapel near Houston, Texas

Congratulations to Traditional Catholics in Houston, Texas! And the Catholic Church in general will benefit by this new outpost of Catholic Tradition. Talk about building up the Church, even as the Conciliar Church sells off churches, schools, and other properties to pay for unmentionable and shameful lawsuits!

Fr. Zendejas recently purchased a church property south of Houston (in La Marque, TX) which includes a chapel or church, school, and rectory. Christened “Stella Maris Chapel” (star of the sea in Latin, one of the titles of Our Lady), the chapel was blessed by Bishop Williamson on July 6, 2015. He and Fr. Adrian Garcia will be saying Mass there on a weekly if not a daily basis.

Stella Maris Chapel
1131 Delaney Rd
La Marque, TX 77568

This extraordinary news is important for the Catholic Church, but especially for all Traditional Catholics who attend traditional churches throughout Texas, since we now have another bulwark of the Faith so close by in Houston. It will certainly benefit St. Dominic’s and other traditional churches, especially in the San Antonio and Austin areas, in the long run. It isn’t every day that a new “priory” or chapel/rectory/school complex is added to the world of Catholic Tradition. Deo Gratias!

rectory-sm priory-sm land-smplayground_sm


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