Chapel Bulletin – Mass and Benediction, 2nd Sunday after Epiphany – January 17, 2016

Second Sunday after Epiphany
January 17, 2016

Catechism Classes Sunday, 2:30 – 3:15 PM
Rosary & Confessions Sunday, 3:30 PM
Low Mass Sunday, 4:00 PM
Benediction Sunday, 5:00 PM

Benediction This Week – Today is the 3rd Sunday of the month, so we will have Benediction after Mass.
2016 Calendars – Beautiful, Traditional Catholic calendars are available in the back of the chapel.
New Sidewalk – The sidewalk leading up to the chapel has been extended by 20 feet! If you wish to make a donation towards this chapel improvement, you can use the donation can on the table by the main entrance.
Catholic Faith Fact – The Sundays after Epiphany are similar to the Sundays after Pentecost: The liturgical color is green, and they aren’t part of the “Christmas season”. Whatever Sundays after Epiphany aren’t used in January/February are used at the end of the Liturgical year (around October/November).

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