Chapel sidewalk extended by 44 feet!

(Above) After the last (2) 12 foot sections were poured.

(Below) After the 3rd and 4th sections were poured.
new sidewalk2

St. Dominic’s Chapel, being situated on acreage in the country, is a noticeable distance from the parking area. When it rains, this causes some inconvenience as the Faithful have to walk through parts of the yard to get to the chapel. The solution was clear: put in a nice, four-foot-wide concrete sidewalk. A poured concrete sidewalk is much smoother, looks much nicer, and is much easier to maintain than a jigsaw puzzle arrangementĀ of rectangular paver bricks.

Fortunately, the sidewalk can be built in sections. The typical dimensions of a new section are 4′ wide by 8′ long.

We used to have 2 sections of concrete sidewalk, totaling 16 feet. Now it’s 60 feet long. That 44 feet of sidewalk cost about $780 for four tons of concrete (8,000 lbs) and labor.


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