Fr. Richard Voigt sermon – Sexagesima Sunday – feast of St. John Bosco

The Salesian Fr. Richard Voigt is now working with Bishop Williamson/Bishop Faure and Fr. Zendejas. Consequently, he said Mass yesterday at St. Dominic’s Chapel and will be back on February 14th (the 2nd Sunday of this month).

Fr. Voigt has been Traditional for many years; he has been conditionally ordained by Bishop Williamson.

Yesterday’s turnout was above-average. It was a Low Mass, but we had 2 servers, a choir of 2, and an organist playing the 4 hymns (processional, offertory, Communion, and recessional), plus a decent sized congregation. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot. All in all, it was a great “welcome back” for Fr. Voigt.


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