Pictures from High Mass on Low Sunday – April 3, 2016

We had a beautiful High Mass about two weeks ago.

It all came together —

* the singing (including Fr. Garcia, who has a good singing voice)
* the High Mass itself, said with strict attention to the Rubrics.
* the Mass server is quite a professional, even in the role of MC at High Mass
* the choir, the organist
* the beautiful Easter hymns – Regina Caeli Jubila, Hail True Victim Life and Light, Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Salve Festa Dies, Vidi Aquam
* the Paschal candle lit, along with the other 6 candles on the altar
* Sweet-smelling incense
* the Easter lilies were still mostly alive, plus we have artificial white flowers to supplement. We also had real pink roses for the Blessed Mother statue.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that Fr. Garcia mentioned during his sermon “the material things of the Liturgy”. He talked about the symbolism of incense, he mentioned chant and other elements we see and hear at Mass. I suppose he found the Mass to be beautiful as well!

Low-Sunday-Fr-Garcia Low-Sunday-Fr-Garcia-incense-altar


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