Chapel bulletin – May 7, 2017 – 3rd Sunday after Easter

3rd Sunday after Easter
May 7, 2017

Fr. Zendejas Consecration – On May 11th, Bishops Richard Williamson, Jean-Michel Faure and Thomas Aquinas will be consecrating Fr. Gerardo Zendejas a bishop. The ceremony will take place by St. Athanasius Chapel in Vienna, VA (Fr. Ringrose’s chapel). For more information, please visit:
Mass on May 24th – On Wednesday, May 24th (the day before Ascension Thursday) at 4:00 PM, His Excellency Bishop Zendejas will offer Mass at St. Dominic’s Chapel. During this Mass there will be a First Communion, and a May Crowning after Mass. There will also be a potluck as usual. Please join us!

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