Mass with Fr. Reginald Brocard, OP – First Saturday, Sept 1 at 4:00 PM

Sept 1, 2018

Rosary & Confessions Saturday, 3:30 PM
Low Mass Saturday, 4:00 PM

Mass on FIRST Saturday, September 1st – At 4:00 PM, Fr. Reginald Brocard, O.P. will offer Mass here. Fr. Reginald is visiting from the Dominican convent in Avrille, France. Father will be the first Dominican priest to offer Mass here at St. Dominic’s Chapel.
Potluck after Mass – Please join us for a potluck after Mass, where everyone will get a chance to meet and talk with Father. We believe it is worthwhile and important to socialize with other Traditional Catholics, since we are geographically isolated from each other, and often attacked from all sides in this decadent modern world.
First Saturday – The First Saturday of every month is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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