Fr. Gerardo Zendejas Sermons and Blue Papers

Sermons (a.k.a. Blue Papers) of Fr. Gerardo Zendejas:

Episcopal Grace of Archbishop Lefebvre St Dominic’s Chapel February 7 2016
The odds of Family after the Bishops Synod St Dominic’s Chapel January 24, 2016
Coming Prelature for the SSPX? St Dominic’s Chapel January 3 2016
Men withering away for fear St. Dominic’s Chapel Nov 29 2015
Will the SSPX one day wake up in Rome? St Dominic’s Chapel Nov 22 2015
A pact of silence is a virus for Tradition St Dominic’s Chapel Nov 15 2015
Freedom, Slavery, and Security St. Dominic’s Chapel Nov 8 2015
Duties of State St Dominic’s Chapel Nov 1 2015
Feast of Christ the King St Dominic’s Chapel Oct 25 2015
Power vs Authority? St Dominic’s Chapel Oct 18 2015
Fatima vs. Russia 1917 – 2015 or 17?? St Dominic’s Chapel Oct 11 2015
Kasper: a vision of Christian unity for the next generation St Dominic’s Chapel Oct 4
A Pope according to our needs St. Dominic’s Chapel Sept 27
Is the Antichrist come in a same-sex union? St. Dominic’s Chapel Sept 20 2015
The Jubilee of Mercy is for the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II St. Dominic’s Chapel Sept 13
What is a remnant? St. Dominic’s Chapel Sept 6
The family was created by God, or by men? St Dominics Chapel Aug 30
Russia’s errors, Immaculate Mary’s truths St Dominic’s Chapel Aug 23
The Offertory of the New Mass St Dominic’s Chapel Aug 16
The Catholic Mass St Dominic’s Chapel – August 9th
Basic Doctrine of the Holocaust of Calvary St Dominic’s Chapel – August 2
St. Ann’s family and Nazareth St. Dominic’s Chapel July 26
Remembering warnings from 1959 and 1917 St Dominic’s Chapel July 19th
Operation Survival – June 30, 1988 St Dominic’s Chapel, July 12 2015
Declaration of the SSPX General Chapter 2006 St Dominic’s Chapel July 5 2015
Bishop Tissier de Mallerais Sermon St Dominic’s Chapel June 28 2015
Archbishop Lefebvre, the SSPX and Church teaching St Dominic’s Chapel June 21 2015
Bishop Fellay’s April 15th 2012 Declaration St Dominic’s Chapel June 14 2015
A big change in 1983 Code of Canon Law, vs. the 1917 Code St Dominic’s Chapel June 6 2015
Pastoral vs doctrinal agreement with Rome St Dominic’s Chapel May 31 2015
Letter of the 3 SSPX Bishops to Bishop Fellay St Dominic’s Chapel May 24 2015
Fr. Zigrang and other priests rejecting Vatican II St Dominic’s Chapel May 17 2015
Obedience or Faith? St Dominic’s Chapel May 9 2015
Why Fatima in May 1917? St Dominic’s Chapel May 3 2015
Latin Rite Mass: for many for for ALL? St. Dominic’s Chapel April 26, 2015
I am not the good shepherd, John Paul II St. Dominic’s Chapel April 19, 2015
A wheel within a wheel St. Dominic’s Chapel April 12, 2015
East-er, the Sun has risen in the East St. Dominic’s Chapel April 5 2015
Holy Week – the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ St. Dominic’s Chapel March 29 2015
A Thanksgiving note to St. Joseph St. Dominic’s Chapel March 22 2015
Laetare Sunday: Holy Eucharist and Family St. Dominic’s Chapel March 15 2015
Envy is a hurdle to see God St. Dominic’s Chapel March 1 2015
A Catholic by Prayer and Penance St. Dominic’s Chapel Feb 15 2015
Contradiction in Convictions? St. Dominic’s Chapel Feb 1 2015
The Christian Perfection? St. Dominic’s Chapel Nov 9 2014

Download all Fr. Zendejas Blue Papers

Download all Fr. Zendejas sermons (2015 through Feb 7, 2016) in a ZIP file, 45 sermons in all: Fr. Gerardo Zendejas Blue Papers Sermons collection (4.8 MB)

This is a collection of recent sermons by Fr. Gerardo Zendejas. For many years, Father has been the author of a printed newsletter series called The Blue Paper, a publication which has up till now been enjoyed by a limited audience. But recently Fr. Zendejas decided to begin publishing future issues of his Blue Paper sermons electronically, so anyone on the Internet can download and read them. Bookmark this page and check back weekly for the latest Fr. Zendejas sermons, or just use the subscribe button on our blog here to receive updates via e-mail.

Fr. Gerardo Zendejas spent many years building up a traditional chapel in Ridgefield, CT which was a priory (place for priests to live), chapel, school, and Ignatian Retreat center. Fr. Zendejas continues to use the centuries-old, silent Ignatian Retreats as his main tool to strengthen his flock in the timeless Catholic Faith. Fr. Zendejas also makes use of all the other means priests have always used to sanctify their flock, namely Confession, offering the Tridentine Mass, sermons given during Mass, his personal example, fasting, prayer, etc.

Fr. Zendejas is currently working to set up several Traditional Latin Mass chapels around the United States, to help Catholics keep the Faith and bolster their resistance to Modernism. Modernism is an actual heresy condemned over 100 years ago by Pope St. Pius X.


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