Stella Maris Chapel – La Marque, TX near Houston – Holy Week Schedule

There are no Masses at St. Dominic’s Chapel this week, but we do encourage attendance at Stella Maris Chapel (in La Marque, TX outside Houston) for those able to make the trip.

Bishop Richard WIlliamson will be offering Holy Week liturgy this year at Stella Maris Chapel.

The schedule is as follows:

UPDATE: There will also be a Mass on Wednesday, April 12th, at 6:30 PM.

Stella Maris Chapel
1131 Delany Road La Marque, TX 77568 (409) 955-5690
Palm Sunday
April 9, 2017
Mass Schedule for April 9 – April 16
Sunday, April 9 Palm Sunday
6:00 PM Low Mass
Before Mass meet outside for blessing of the Palms
and procession.
Confessions at 5:30 PM, Rosary at 5:40 PM
Server practice after mass for Chrismal Mass
Monday, April 10 Monday in Holy Week
6:20 AM Low Mass
Thursday, April 13 Holy Thursday
7:00 AM Chrismal Mass
7:30 PM Mass with Washing of the Feet
Visit to the Altar of Repose
Friday, April 14 Good Friday
10:00 AM Confessions
10:30 AM Stations of the Cross & Ceremony
Saturday, April 15 Holy Saturday
10:00 PM Easter Vigil
Sunday, April 16 Easter Sunday
9:30 AM High Mass
Easter Egg hunt following

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