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San Antonio Missions Pilgrimage and Mass – November 23, 2019 with Bishop Zendejas

2019 San Antonio Missions Pilgrimage
November 23, 2019

Bishop Zendejas is organizing and leading a pilgrimage to the San Antonio Missions on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 9:00 AM.

There will be Mass at 11:30 AM near Mission San José. All are invited to the Mass and/or Pilgrimage. There will be organizers at San José directing everyone to the designated location for Mass. Even if you are not able to walk the whole route, you are still encouraged to assist at Mass and/or drive to each Mission for prayers, short sermons, Catholic hymns, and participation in a public act of faith with fellow Traditional Catholics.

Nothing strengthens one’s faith like public actions witnessing to the Catholic Faith.

9:00 AM – Gather at Mission San José (park vehicles in nearby parking lot)
9:15 – 9:30 AM – Shuttle to Mission Concepción and begin Pilgrimage on the Mission Trail towards Mission San José.
11:30 AM – Outdoor Mass at Mission San José
12:30 PM – Lunch (bring your own food and snacks) and conference
1:30 PM – Continue pilgrimage to last two Missions (San Juan and Espada).
At the end, vehicles will shuttle pilgrims back to Mission San José

• Both men and women should dress appropriately for Mass and visits to the Mission chapels. Normal pilgrim attire includes modest, lightweight and light-colored clothing, comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses, etc. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast as the day of the Pilgrimage approaches.
• Anything needed for Mass and prayer (missals, prayerbooks, rosaries, chapel veils)
• Water, food, snacks, and anything else a family might need on a hike.

Song booklets for the various prayers and hymns will be provided.

Map of Pilgrimage Route


Chapel Bulletin for the Feast of Christ the King

Here is a recording from last week’s Mass (10/18/15):


Feast of Christ the King – In honor of Christ the King, after Mass today we will have Benediction during which we will recite the Consecration of the human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Litany to the Sacred Heart. There are sheets in the back of the chapel for these two prayers. And, as usual, there are booklets with all the Benediction hymns as well. Viva Cristo Rey!
High Mass next week – Next week we will have a High Mass and Potluck for the 1st Sunday, which is also the Feast of All Saints. We will also have a couple of games for all ages in honor of All Saints’ Day.
Fr. Zendejas Sermons – can be found every week at www.StDominicsChapel.com
Fr. Garcia’s Ordination Anniversary – October 22nd was the 15th anniversary of Fr. Garcia’s priestly ordination. We are blessed to have him serving our chapel. Congratulations, Fr. Garcia!
Bishop Faure Visit – The Sunday after Thanksgiving (November 29th) there will not be Mass at St. Dominic’s; everyone is invited to attend Bp. Faure’s Mass at Stella Maris Chapel outside Houston at 9:30 AM, followed by a reception and conference. Bp. Faure was consecrated by Bp. Williamson earlier this year.
Catholic Faith Question – When was the Feast of Christ the King instituted?
Last week’s question: Which Vatican II document encouraged the wider use of local languages in the Mass and Sacraments? Sacrosanctum Concilium.