Chapel Bulletin – 7th Sunday after Pentecost – July 3, 2016

7th Sunday after Pentecost
July 3, 2016

Rosary & Confessions Sunday, 3:30 PM
High Mass Sunday, 4:00 PM

High Mass today – Today is the 1st Sunday of the month, so we will have a High Mass followed by a Potluck.
From the Choir – For the High Mass today, we will be singing Mass IV (Cunctipotens Genitor Deus) and Credo IV. The hymns for today’s Mass are all included in the flyers in the back of the chapel.
Hoping to Build an Altar – We are currently saving all available funds (from the Building Fund/Donation Can) to build a wooden altar for the chapel. The general goal is a custom-built wooden altar, about the size of our current makeshift altar, dark brown in color, with attractive, elaborate trim, which won’t require a veil to hang over the front to hide what is underneath. Perhaps engrave “Viva Cristo Rey” or “IHS” on the front of it. It will have extra depth towards the back, to add a “part 2” at a later date, which will rise upwards about six feet, mounted to the back of the altar. The altar will also have a place for an altar stone, and a means to secure the tabernacle to it. In any case, we will be keeping the dark brown “gradines” currently on the altar, as well as our large Crucifix.
Traditional Catholic question – Must any Traditional Latin Masses be offered under the auspices of an organization and/or with the approval of Rome? Answer: No. Regarding the question of Roman approval: Post-Vatican II Rome has become drunk with the heresy of Modernism, with the highest officials trying to destroy the Church with their own hands. The exact nature of this Crisis in the Church is mysterious, and we have to remember that God is in control. But what is certain is that we must keep and practice the Catholic Faith, and save our immortal souls here in 2016. We can’t wait for normal times to return. The Crisis is the Church has been ongoing for over 47 years now! Priests, bishops, and laymen must all do the right thing — with or without the permission of Rome. In the Catholic Church, “the highest law is the salvation of souls.” When Truth and Authority mysteriously split, we have no choice but to choose Truth — the only thing that will get us to heaven. Jesus Christ is the Truth. As for the question of an organization, that is more or less irrelevant. The only real issue is authority/jurisdiction, and the Catholic Church provides us “supplied jurisdiction” during emergency situations like the one we are living in today. Unless a given organization has been approved by Rome, it has the same standing as any individual Traditional Catholic priest offering the Tridentine Mass without Rome’s permission. The only difference is that an organization has many priests, while the individual priest is alone. But, in reality, both are equally legitimate given the emergency situation we are in.

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